Damage Claim coverage response

Floods, fire or natural disasters, these are things that happen. When a store is damaged and merchandise is lost Retail Renovations reacts.

At any given time we can have a team on site anywhere in the country to assess and communicate your damages using the latest technology available.

Sometimes there are unpreventable actions which cause damage to your store where you have to close it down. We have dedicated crews and equipment to respond to a disaster within 24 hours getting your store open for business and back to its original state. Our staff can have someone onsite to analyze the problem and determine the cause and responsible party within 4 hours anywhere in the continental United States.

Reporting and Processing Damage claims properly can make the difference

All of our techs are trained in all aspects of damage claims and how to handle them properly. We find the source of the problem and work hard to resolve it. The communication we open with the responsible party in making necessary repairs is the key to a quick resolution; each damage claim is treated as if it’s the only one.

When a store is damaged for any reason Retail Renovations is the go to company for full restoration of the space.