Concrete floor finishing

Our team works with many of the concrete finishing products available in the market today. We use these tools to develop the best concrete finish repair methods in the industry. We can bring the unique design you are after to your retail store and offer the technical means to keep your floors at their best throughout the lifespan of your store.

Low maintenance floors with unique designs

The typical retail store floor endures heavy traffic each day of business. Low maintenance of these floors is greatly sought after. With our fresh designs of concrete finished floors in an array of colors and designs, you can avoid the cracked tiles or swelled up flooring and provide a low maintenance floor with a beautiful and inviting finish for your customers.

Even though our clients all have different designs and finishes in their concrete flooring, Retail Renovations has the most efficient ways of repair to these floors. Our expert field technicians are trained in several different uses of the provided finishes as well as many different design techniques. We are proficient on color matches to existing concrete finishes making our repairs to your concrete flooring second to none.