Maintenance practices vary among agencies

Most companies use a computerized maintenance tracking system which avoids the non-documentation of their maintenance issues.

The National perspective

Corrective maintenance involves making repairs to correct existing problems. Failure to complete corrective maintenance tasks may lead to accelerated facility deterioration and this deterioration may require even more corrective maintenance. When issues aren’t reported frequently a backlog is created. Many facilities are doing basic maintenance work, but may also hold moderate to large backlogs of corrective maintenance issues. Some of these entities do not have maintenance schedules for each of the building components and may not follow these schedules even if they do.

To what extent should preventative maintenance practices be used? Preventative maintenance needs are often hidden. It’s easy to see the need for replacing a broken fixture, but it’s less obvious to routinely check something like furnace filters. Inadequate preventative maintenance generates increased corrective maintenance. Delays in completing preventative maintenance tasks usually don’t cause problems in the short term but may lead to substantial long-term costs.