Retail Store Scheduled Maintenance

Since 1989 Retail Renovations has been performing store maintenance and best industry practices for several high end major retailers. Our goal is to be the eyes and ears for our clients. Store personnel aren’t always able to tell what the problems are and that’s where we come in.

Scheduled Store Visits mean less reported issues

We have dedicated crews in the field trained to visit stores and inspect every possible aspect of maintenance. We normally start with and immediately report or repair safety issues. We work with the store manager in educating them on what to look for. This includes when a drawer is about to break or if they have lighting issues. Our crews have stocked vans to tend to any needs that may arise.

Our typical checklist would include items such as:

  • Safety Issues or staff concerns
  • Customer facing areas such as store entry, fitting rooms, points of sale. This includes painting, repairs, etc.
  • missing or damaged parts, i.e.: ceiling tile, flooring, shelves, trim or hardware
  • electrical or plumbing issues, this includes making sure everything is operating properly and up to code as well as updated inspection where necessary.

We are equipped to provide immediate action including pictures from the field to our offices to the client for review.